Dancin Vineyards Wedding | Medford Oregon Wedding Photographer

My heart flutters with this beautiful wedding and all of its pretty details! Not only was this couple beautiful, they were so much fun to work with. Their bridal party kept me laughing, and their family was so refreshingly kind and accommodating. It is so easy to get caught up in the wedding day hustle and bustle that you forget your vendors have been working hard and need a little break now and again to eat and recharge! This family made sure to feed us, offer us wine tickets and be sure their vendors were taken care of.  This day was so full of love and pure joy wrapped around this couple! Dancin Vineyards was the perfect location to host this beautiful Southern Oregon Wedding. The bride and groom said their vows under a giant tree draped in white flowy fabric that danced in the wind. Lucky for me, the lighting at this location was pure magic! The way the sunlight filtered through the canopy with the vineyards in the background….love!www-christinesarahphotography-com_1262PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1264PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1270PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1269PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1272PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1263PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1253PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1266PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1268PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1255PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1254PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1267PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1271PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1256PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1258PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1257PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1273PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1265PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1259PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1252PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1260PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_1261PIN

Photography: Christine Sarah Photography

Floral: Jacklily Floral Design

Hair: Jessie Marshall 

Makeup Artistry: Jayme Lee with JLM Artistry

Venue: Dancin Vineyards