This studio comes straight from my heart… it is my dream space! So much love and hard work went into creating this quaint little barn studio.

What is now my dream Studio, used to be the place I would play in as a little girl. I used to climb on top of the hay loft and pretend it was my house, and I would visit the space everyday to feed and brush my horses. Thats right … it used to be a barn! The novelty and rustic feel makes this converted barn-to-studio so dear to my heart. I wanted to create a space that was clean and simple, yet soft and whimsical with lots of detail in the unexpected. A place women can get pampered, and be taken away by the whole experience of the day. A fairytale escape from everyday life.

This is a 100% natural light studio. I love nothing more than capturing the way the light hits your skin… creating that flawless porcelain look. There are lots of windows and two huge barn doors that open onto a spacious wrap around porch, allowing for the perfect amount of ambient light. The swing is fully functional, allowing for you to swing through the barn doors and into the streaming sunlight.

Whimsical, chic and playful … this studio is the perfect space for boudoir, bridal sessions, children and lifestyle sessions.