California Redwood Coastline Styled Shoot

California Redwood Coastline Styled Shoot…

I believe that being able to spread your wings creatively is so good for the soul. This stunning location and shoot was exactly what I needed to artistically refresh after a long winter season. Amazingly enough, the rain clouds cleared and the sun came out for us on the California redwood coastline this weekend, providing the most perfect backdrop for this styled shoot!

I had some incredibly talented vendors collaborating with me to make all of these beautiful details shine. I am so humbled by the people that trust me to document their love, their lives, their businesses and their reputation. Pulling together a styled shoot with vendors donating their precious time and talent is no easy task, but when it is all said and done, it is so worth the sleepless nights worrying about details. These images below represent such a work of love by not only me and the love of my camera, but other local businesses that have put their heart into the unique pieces they offered to this shoot. There is so much passion and creative love wrapped up in this!

My real engaged models, Josh and Megan, were so beautifully perfect for this feature. We spent all day adventuring through giant redwood forests and combing the beach for the perfect lighting. They were all too willing to explore muddy trails with me, climb over rocks and get their feet wet in the surf. I am in love with Megan’s auburn hair that caught the sunlight so flawlessly and added a touch of fire to the images. Our makeup artist Jayme Lee applied subtle earthy tones to make her eyes pop while expertly not taking away from her natural pretty features. I had my heart set on a unique braid close to the face for a bit of a boho feel and Meghan Cavanaugh pulled it off flawlessly. These girls are so incredibly talented in hair and makeup artistry. Their contribution to this shoot was priceless!

www-christinesarahphotography-com_0053PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0052PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0051PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0054PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0055PINI am so in love with the delicate and romantic touch that handwritten calligraphy gives. Ponderosa and Plaid’s unique style of modern calligraphy makes even the most basic of sentences look sappy! But seriously…did you read the script in the above image? She managed to find the most perfect words for this shoot. Her talent in hand crafted sign making and lettering is unmatched and the perfect addition to the feel of this shoot.
www-christinesarahphotography-com_0095PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0098PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0023PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0050PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0046PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0097PINI have a love of vintage details and most of all…unique vintage chairs. The Party Gallery was the first place I went to in search of the unique pieces I had in mind. Erica knew exactly what I was going for (she is super amazing) and helped me pull together the details.  I spotted this mustard yellow hand carved chair in her studio and immediately fell head over heels in love. I knew I had to cart it to the beach with me for this shoot! www-christinesarahphotography-com_0021PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0096PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0047PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0057PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0028PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0043PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0049PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0044PIN


Floral is such an important part of styling! Beyond the Briar Floral absolutely overwhelmed my senses with this overflowing bouquet packed with flowers and greenery. Not only did she offer a bouquet that most brides only dream about, she sent me on my way with a truck full of other unique pieces that I had SO much fun adding into our different looks for the day. This shoot wouldn’t be what is was without this amazing lady and her business.
www-christinesarahphotography-com_0058PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0061PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0060PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0063PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0064PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0065PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0059PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0062PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0069PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0067PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0070PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0072PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0068PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0071PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0073PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0075PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0077PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0076PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0074PINAs much as I love vibrancy in colors, I am completely in love with neutral tones. Photographer confession of the day: a neutral palette gives me goosebumps and makes my heart sing. I could photograph these tones ALL day. Add in the sunlight shining through auburn hair and I am in heaven! These feathery plumes from pampas grass (thanks to the amazing Darby with Beyond the Briar) was the perfect unexpected touch of texture that I was seeking in my mind which was running with ideas for this outfit from The Party Gallery. The blush tone of this silky wedding slip was so pretty on the sand! www-christinesarahphotography-com_0037PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0039PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0041PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0042PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0091PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0089PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0090PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0088PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0027PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0029PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0032PINIn the location where we actually began our shoot is where we will end here. The California redwood forest. This place will never fail to take my breath away. These mighty old growth redwoods have seen an unbelievable amount of history in their lifetime. There is a quiet sense of awe in everyone walking through these giants and no matter how many times you visit, this enchanted place will always make you stop in your tracks and ponder the world we live in.

www-christinesarahphotography-com_0079PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0083PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0082PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0081PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0101PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0087PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0084PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0100PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0078PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0080PINwww-christinesarahphotography-com_0086PINPhotography & Styling | Christine Sarah Photography

Floral | Beyond the Briar Floral

Hair | Meghan Snow Cavanaugh

Makeup Artistry | JLM Artistry

Rentals, decor & slip | The Party Gallery

Modern Calligraphy | Ponderosa & Plaid